Show us your #UNselfie

Giving Tuesday is here and we want to see your #UNselfie!

What on earth is an #unselfie?

Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving in response to Black Friday & Cyber Monday – a chance to give back after all of that spending!

All over the country (and world) folks are sharing written messages of support for their favorite charitable organizations. You can get in on the #UNselfie movement too Рprint out THIS TEMPLATE write your own message about why you choose to support CCG on Giving Tuesday Рbe sure to write in the hashtag #unselfie on your paper. Then Рtake a photo of yourself holding your sign and post to social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) in your post Рplease be sure to use the following hashtags if possible #unselfie #GivingTues #CreateCommonGood

1. Share how you are giving back or why you give on the #UNselfie sign.


2. Say cheese! Hold up the #UNselfie sign and take your selfless selfie!


3. Share your #UNselfie on social media & encourage your friends to give!