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Below we hope that some of your questions are addressed and fill in some of the gaps of how our program works. If you have any remaining questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Who do you serve?


Our foodservice training program provides growth opportunities for anyone looking for a fresh start in life:

  • Refugees and immigrants

  • Women rebuilding their lives following domestic violence

  • Individuals re-entering after incarceration for non-violent/non-sexual crimes

  • Non-chronically homeless

  • Individuals overcoming substance abuse (must be at least 90 days sober)

  • Those experiencing mental or physical disabilities

  • Minimum age requirement: 18

*Please note, individuals should have a minimum English language learning level of 4-5 through the English Language Center.


Are you a culinary program?

We are not. Our main goal with each trainee is to prepare them to enter the workforce and find a job. Because we operate our own kitchen, that is where the majority of our training takes place and where you will acquire a lot of skills needed to be successful in a commercial kitchen. You will also pick up a lot of fun and helpful skills such as recipe execution and knife skills.  Foodservice is a great industry to start out in and get your foot in the door but you are not required to go into a foodservice job after graduating from our program.

How long is your training program?

Our training program is 8 weeks long - divided into two sessions.

Level 1:  Mon - Fri 9:30 - 2:30

Level 2:  Mon - Fri  9:30 - 2:30

We follow up our training with 3 additional months of job placement support services.

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How much does it cost?

Trainees are charged just $80 for the 8 week training program and 3 months of job placement support - that's 5 months of services! This fee is for the entirety of the program and the cost of certification is taken care of by Create Common Good.

Trainees may pay their fee in whole or work out a payment plan. If you have any concerns or questions about this please reach out to us- we don't want this to stop you from pursuing the program- and we can figure out another solution! 

Each trainee actually costs us $3,535 which we afford from a combination of grants, individual donations, corporate contributions and revenues from our food production business.

How does job placement work?

We offer the training to build your skills in finding employment. We help with resume and cover letter construction, interview skills, how to complete a job application and make it effective, and teach you the tools to search for jobs. Through all of these steps, Create Common Good will act as a liaison to help you find employment.

Different jobs at different organizations will be open at different times. Depending on what time you go through the program will depend what you can apply for. Some organizations and businesses may reach out to us if they are interested in hiring a graduate and you will also have access to our network of local employment partners.

We are here to help you through every step of the process and we want to see you succeed and gain employment after the program- that’s what we are here for after all!


Where can I find you?

We have moved out to the Meridian area off of Ten Mile. We are in the Ten Mile Crossing Business Park in the larger four story AmeriBen building (the building on the right in the picture). 


Take bus #42 from either Caldwell/Nampa area or from Boise/Meridian area. The stop you will want to get off at is Ten Mile & Vanguard. 


You are welcome to park wherever there is a free space. 

The cafeteria is on the first floor through the double doors by the elevator.


Administration & Training room is in suite 105 down the hallway to the right of the elevators if you're looking at the cafeteria.

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How can this program help me?

This program is a great way to build confidence and learn new skills!

There are so many paths you can find because of our program. Students find stable jobs, jobs with benefits, and can start saving to buy a car or find a place to live. Many students in our program have found confidence to try new jobs, new programs, and even return back to school to get their GED or other degree. What could you do because of this program? Let's find out!

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