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Trainees have the opportunity to get hands on work experience in our commercial kitchen.  This is where trainees get to demonstrate their knowledge of classroom concepts. We will help trainees identify areas for improvement so that they can feel comfortable and confident getting and keeping a job after finishing our program. Trainees get to experience things like: 
  • Preparing daily recipes for cafeteria-style food
  • Learning knife skills from experienced workers
  • Receiving, cleaning, cutting, storing produce and other foods
  • Constructing orders for community partners
  • Cleaning and sanitizing in a commercial kitchen
As you can see, level two has a lot of learning opportunities and that’s not all of them! With all these learning experiences, we are able to help craft the trainee’s resume and show them how to edit and update it. We will help create a cover letter, teach interviewing skills, and practice interview skills with a mock interview. The trainee will get the opportunity to practice an online job application, discover good places to find jobs and what to look for, and get help applying to jobs. We act as a liaison between the trainee and the employer in securing employment. The trainee must meet all program requirements before graduating & using Create Common Good as a reference and continued resource.
Note: We do not guarantee that our trainee’s graduate and immediately find a job. It depends on skill set, jobs that are available, the motivation of the trainee, and the circumstances. However, we have found that many of our trainees are employed after graduating our program and almost all have found a job within three months of graduation. 
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